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Nomination of Candidates For Appointment As Members of The Lebone College of Emergency Care Council

The Lebone College of Emergency Care invites the public to nominate person/s for the appointment to serve as members on the Council in terms of Higher
Education Act of 1997 as amended. The Lebone College Council has been established in 2022.

Members of the public who are suitably qualified and with expertise in the following areas may be nominated for appointment as members of the Council:
Legal, Finance/Financial Accounting, Higher Education Clinical Experience (Health Professional) with background/expertise in education and training,
Emergency Medical Care, Information Technology, Human Resource Management.

The nomination form must be signed by atleast two members of the public and by the Nominee, as an indication of his or her willingness to serve on the Council and its committees.

The following supporting documents must be included: Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee; details of three references, a declaration by the Nominee that no
conflict of interest exists with the College.

Please note:
a) The Nominee must not be members of the Department of Health, Gauteng EMS or Lebone College.
b) These are not salaried positions. However, the College will contribute a Council approved stipend for all external members.
Names of the nominated candidates and supporting documents must be emailed to:

For more information, please contact:
Mr N Ravhandalala
Principal: Lebone College of Emergency Care
[012] 356 8027
Closing date: 18 August 2023

Late applications will NOT be accepted.


Nomination Form Here:



Thursday, 09 March 2023

In a bid to equip communities with the required skills to respond to commonly encountered emergencies, the Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) on Wednesday, 08 March 2023, launched the First Responder Training offered by Lebone College of Emergency Care (LCOEC) at Kwa-Masiza Hostel in Sebokeng, Sedibeng.

With the LCOEC’s excellent education, training system, and professional District Trainers, it has taken the responsibility to extend its training to surrounding communities in Gauteng. This is a Township Informal Settlements and Hostels Program (TISH Program) that is aimed at equipping underprivileged communities with the necessary skills to be able to help save lives while waiting for professional help from emergency personnel, hence the name “First Responder.”

One of the reasons for this program is because research shows that in over 90% of medical, trauma, suicide, and accident incidents, communities are less equipped to respond to the emergency situation they were confronted with. The First Responder Training will help make a difference between life and death while awaiting emergency response teams. The topics covered in the training are hemorrhage control, burn treatment, fractured and dislocated bone treatment, seizure treatment, choking, CPR, First Aid awareness and tools, hypothermia, and hyperthermia.

The launch was graced by the presence of the MEC of Health and Wellness Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, who in her speech thanked the community for taking part in the program. She added that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that there are training programs like the First Responder Training in TISH communities to make sure that communities have the necessary skills to save lives, know how to act, and control emergency incidences depending on specific situations. This training will give members of communities the confidence to make decisions that will result in saving lives, and that making a difference in someone’s life or in the community produces excitement and encouragement individually and within the community, she continued.

The first TISH Program – First Responder Training was a major success, with over 100 members of Kwa-Masiza Hostel receiving First Responder Training. A special thank you to Lebone College of Emergency Care and the College’s District Trainers who conducted the training to the members of Kwa-Masiza Hostel and committing to providing the First Responder Training to many more TISH communities for the year 2023. The goal is to always serve and make a difference, and it is with great excitement that LCOEC started the year on such a fulfilling note. We Care, We Serve, We Belong.


Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Monday evening, 21 November 2022 Gauteng Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, also known as Green Angels, were under attack in Mshongoville, an informal settlement in Atteridgeville, Pretoria West. This attack occurred while our Green Angels were treating an assaulted patient who was critically injured. Unfortunately, this attack resulted in the patient getting killed inside the ambulance.

Around 19:44 a call was lodged to the Gauteng Emergency Communication Centre, and at around 20:00 an ambulance was dispatched to Mshongoville. Police were requested to escort the response team in order to ensure that they entered the area safely.

When our Green Angels arrived at the scene the patient was already laying on the ground surrounded by the community. The Green Angels managed to initiate treatment and as they were about to leave the scene for the nearest hospital the community members started reacting violently by throwing stones at the ambulance.

They continued reacting by barricading the road, preventing the departure of the ambulance. The community demanded justice as the patient was alleged of doing a crime within the community.

Due to the attack, the Green Angels ran for cover. Unfortunately, the attack led to the patient further being fatally assaulted while lying on an ambulance stretcher. Additionally, the ambulance was extremely damaged and some medical equipment was stolen by the attackers. A case has been opened with the police on this matter.

The paramedics who were attacked were taken for medical observation at Kalafong Provincial Tertiary Hospital, and as part of the Employee Health Wellness Programme, they will be attending counselling sessions and will be continuously monitored when they return to their duties as normal.

MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko stated her disappointment and frustration in the attack on healthcare workers whose purpose and job is to provide healthcare to those in need of it. “This is totally unacceptable. We cannot allow society to degenerate like this. Mob justice or taking the law into our own hands cannot be the answer to addressing some of the socio-economic issues affecting communities. There has to be a better way,” stated MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko.

MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko further on stated how serious attacks on EMS personnel are, and ensures that further action should and will be taken to strengthen protection and prevent such incidents from happening to our Green Angels in the future. “Attacks on our personnel have dire consequences as they make it difficult for them to discharge the constitutional mandate to provide access to healthcare services. I will further engage with the Community Safety Department and community structures to see how we can work together to strengthen some of the interventions that are already in place to curb such incidents,” explained MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko.

We plea and ask communities to stop attacks on Paramedics. Such attacks have long-term consequences not only for EMS personnel but communities as a whole as this makes it difficult for our Green Angels to perform their duties to serve communities and provide health care.

2021 Cormorant Search & Rescue Simulation

Creating a connected government by enabling simpler and more convenient government processes, and to act as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth by promoting effective, efficient and customer centric processes across the province.

by: Cobus Cox and Lesego Mpeta

In the month of November 2021, the South African Police Service (SAPS) together with Gauteng Emergency Medical Services (GEMS) hosted the second Annual Rescue Simulationexercise called Cormorant. This Year the exercise was hosted at Sunset View Family Resort, Bon Accord Dam in Onderstepoort, Pretoria and included a Multi-Agency Response to a Simulated Aircraft Accident.

The Simulation Exercise entailed an aircraft that departed from Wonderboom National Airport with a flight plan to air drop Skydivers. After departure, the aircraft experienced engine failure and headed back to the airport for an emergency landing. The aircraft was unable to reach the airport and radar contact was lost over Bon Accord Dam. Eye witnesses reported seeing skydivers jump from the aircraft at low altitude followed by the aircraft ditching in Bon Accord Dam…