Title:            Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care Course

Level:          NQF Level 5

Credits:       120

Duration:    1-year

Fees:          R78 596.00


This qualification is designed to produce entry-level emergency care providers who are clinical assistants in emergency medical care and rescue. The qualification will develop the necessary foundational knowledge; skills and attitudes necessary to form the basis for further study in the field of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Graduates will practice primary and intermediate emergency care primarily on ambulances within South Africa in rural and urban contexts that range from sophisticated emergency medical care facilities to remote primary health care settings. This qualification also aims to promote an understanding of the multi-disciplinary approach to effective, efficient patient care. In addition, this qualification aims to produce an emergency care provider that will take cognizance of South African history and will be able to adapt to the unique circumstances of a changing South Africa with emphasis on equity in health care, social upliftment, and reduction of the burden of disease. The qualification is also designed to enable students to pursue further personal and professional development and promote lifelong learning.

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To register for the qualification, the candidate must comply with the requirements hereunder:

The applicant with a Senior Certificate (prior to 2009) must have at least a minimum of an E symbol on Higher Grade or a D symbol on Standard Grade pass for all the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology and/or Physical Sciences


The applicant with a National Senior Certificate with a Higher Certificate

an endorsement must have the following subjects and rating codes:

  • English (3)
  • Mathematics (3) or Mathematical Literacy (4)
  • Life Sciences (3) and / or Physical Sciences (3)
  • Additional Subject 1 (3)
  • Additional Subject 2 (3)



Learning will take place in the classroom environment, in practical laboratories and in the authentic work environment through a variety of andragogy learning methods.




Integrated assessment strategies across related modules and critical cross-field outcomes are applied and assessed in the classroom, practical venues and in the authentic environment. Integrated assessment takes the form of an appropriate variety of assessment methods, for example: written and oral examinations, problem solving assignments, projects


Clinical Practice is a core module that involves supervised clinical learning shifts, theory and practice on real patients predominantly within the pre-hospital environments. The module is intended to provide the learner with an opportunity to experience authentic learning experiences and to establish a nexus between theory and practice. Students are required to complete a number of clinical hours, skills and see a number of patients in order to progress or be found competent. By the end of the module students should able to function confidently and professionally in the areas of patient assessment and management relevant to their year of study.

Lebone College of Emergency Care (LCOEC) is currently in partnership with Sefako Makgatho Health Science University and uses relevant clinical partners to place students for clinical learning shifts.


Issuing of the Certification

  1. All certificate for all course are issued by student affairs.
  2. Re-issuing of Certificate – request for duplicate must be accompanied by a copy of the identity document, official affidavit and a letter of request addressed to the principal including details of the formal or informal programme attended. 

Academic Records and International Verification

  1. The request must be done via Student Affairs with the following requires.
  2. Copy of Certified ID
  3. HPCSA Registration certificate
  4. Formal request letter/ Email
  5. The cost of the whole exercise will be determined by the finance section

Collection of Certificate and Academic Records

Collection of the above-documents will be collected at Lebone College Reception with the following information.

  1. 1The student must provide certified copy of ID when coming to collect.
  2. If Student is unable to collect, must request in writing to appoint a proxy with the certified copy of his/her ID and the also certified copy of the person collecting on his/her behalf.

For more information contact:

Tel: 012 521 4024/ wisdom.ndlovu@smu.ac.za

Tel: 012 356 8000/ leboneenquiries@gauteng.gov.za

NB:RPL candidates may apply pending SMU RPL policy approval